Their Worlds, Your Words

The Hypnotherapist's Guide to Effective Scripts and Sessions

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My first published book was 'The Hypnotherapy Handbook' edited by Ann Jabloba, which is a kind of anthology; eight articles written by different authors on different topics. I contributed an article on working with IBS, and felt I had officially become one-eighth of an author when it was published!

Determined to increase this to 100%, I wrote 'Their Worlds, Your Words' which aims to help you collect the right information from clients and use it to create individual, personalised session content.

The latest title, The Hypnotherapist's Companion, is the next step along. Once you have clients and have started working with them, it will (I hope) help answer all those questions and conundrums that are likely to arise.

All three books are available in Kindle and paperback format from Amazon. You can purchase Their Worlds Your Words and the Hypnotherapist's Companion direct from me if you prefer and you have the option of a signed copy.

If you are a Trainer or Supervisor and would like to order more than 5 copies of the same title to pass on or resell, I can offer a discounted price. Please get in touch giving details of the numbers you are likely to need and when you would need them.


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