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hypnotherapy blogsI am a fairly prolific blogger, as I feel I need to separate the various elements of what I do. I publish a new blog on each site at least once a month.


Hypnotherapy Training & Practitioner Magazine

Articles are either my myself or carefully chosen guest bloggers. They include a variety of topics aimed at those who are already in practice as hypnotherapists, or those who plan to be in the future...

  • tips about working with clients on specific issues
  • promoting your business
  • wider issues such as ethical practice, or how to build a CPD portfolio
  • how to choose a hypnotherapy training course
  • how to understand hypnotherapy training accreditation


Hypnotherapy blogs 

Stress blogs 

These blogs are aimed primarily at clients but there are useful tips there that you might want to pass on to the people you work with. 



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