possibly the only hypnotherapy book with dragons! 



It was a class discussion with my hypnotherapy practitioner students which inspired 'Their Worlds, Your Words'.

We had been thinking about how important it is that session content should be adapted to suit individual clients, and the question of exactly how this should be achieved was raised.  

What information should be used from all that we've learned about our clients? How should we personalise a generic script when it looks complete just as it is? Where do the personal details go? Can we adapt and re-use content we have created ourselves?

I discovered there was relatively little information on these questions to refer my students to, and the idea for the book was born. I intended at first to talk only about adapting and developing scripts or extemporised session content, but that pre-supposed that the appropriate information had been collected in the first place, so I took a step back and started with that.

The first section of this book, therefore, covers how you get into your client's world: how to listen to both what they say and what they don't say, and the right questions to ask to ensure you can offer really effective therapy. These chapters include some 'try it out' practical exercises so you can develop your skills as you move through the information.

The second section concentrates on how you can find the right words to help your clients achieve the changes they want to make; there are tips for integrating personal information into pre-written scripts, and also for writing completely original session content of your own. These are presented with case studies so you can see how the process works.

The book is an invaluable resource for newly qualified or student hypnotherapists who want to ensure that their sessions are unique, personalised, powerful and effective.